Environmental-Benign Molecular Design and Sinthesis

Research Topics

Aiming to realize the sustainable society, we are developing the creation of higher-order chemical engineering systems using environmentally friendly functional molecules, that is, environmental molecules and their mixtures. Specifically, we newly designed environmental solvents and their mixed systems for effective utilization of natural / synthetic compounds according to the purpose based on thermodynamics and transport phenomena theory, and verified their solvent functions. We are also applying research to the development of technologies for effective use of biomass. In addition to measuring the basic physical properties that form the basis of this, we are also implementing theoretical systematization using dimensionless numbers. The final product can be applied to a wide range of applications such as cosmetics, perfumes, and chemical products as well as pharmaceuticals, food additives and beverages.

Accociate Professor Masaki OTA

(Concurrent Post: Research Center of Supercritical Fluid Technique